T20 World Cup vs soccer events, which is the most popular?

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T20 World Cup vs soccer events, which is the most popular?

T20 World Cup


Do people prefer T20 World Cup to other sportive events?


Soccer makes people shout out, cry, laugh, even love around over the world. You do not require to do big research to find out that soccer is the most popular sport worldwide. For instance, soccer events like FIFA World Cup have millions of fans in all continents.

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However, Cricket’s case is special since this is the most popular sport in some countries like India, England, New Zealand, Australia, and Pakistan invest time, money, effort, and passion in supporting cricket as a massive sport with millions of TV fanatics from many diverse countries around the world.


The International Cricket Council (ICC) organizes two major cricket events: the Cricket World Cup and the t20 World Cup. Even the Cricket World Cup is the biggest competition in the area, another remarkable event is the t20 world cup. In each t20 world cup, 16 teams can participate: 10 from countries with Test status and six from countries with associate status:


“The T20 Cricket World Cup is a tournament of men's national cricket teams in a format reduced to 20 overs that has been played since 2007. It is organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC), as a complement to the Cricket World Cup, which is played in 50 overs”, some sources mention.

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Which is better, T20 world cup of cricket or soccer?


Everything had started on September 24th, 2007, a special date for cricket enthusiasts and Sports Entertainment in general. It was on this day that the inaugural final of the 20-20 Cricket World Cup (T20) was played: India against Pakistan. According to many cricket fans, this was a thrilling match since after many twists and turns, India heaved a sigh of relief in the final. Then, they had won the match by 5 runs:


“Though the final is over, the real (commercial) game will start from here. Anyone who watched the Australia-India SF and India-Pakistan final might confidently say that this form of cricket (T20 World Cup) is here to stay and will also dominate the world sporting arena” this is what a fan expressed after watching the first tournament of the t20 world cup.

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Although Test Cricket is the purest form of cricket, the format was a departure from the entertainment angle. Its 5-day format and low scoring rate did not appeal much to the youngsters. Today's young fans prefer more dynamism and entertainment.


Therefore, when one-day cricket was introduced, a sort of momentum was generated around Cricket. A game, once played only in the British colonies, began to spread its wings. The commercial world also began to support one-day cricket in a big way:


“Then came the T20 cricket format and the first T20 World Cup. A phenomenon was born. We can be sure T20 will be a success (both commercial and entertainment) in the days to come. It will develop as the most preferred form of cricket in the future”, Karsh Sharma, cricket expert said.

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Which is better, T20 cricket or soccer?


Those who are into soccer and cricket as well understand that cricket and soccer have some similarities since both sports are popular between sports fans. T20 world cup equals soccer events in terms of value and in some areas, such as advertising, outperforms soccer and other ones.


“When advertisers can reach the public frequently, they will obviously prefer T20 world cup events to soccer. Consequently, more money will flow to the T20 world cup format and one fine day T20 will be almost on a par with soccer in reach and commercial value”, Sharma mentioned.


However, one advantage that soccer will always have over T20 world cup is its simple rules and near-zero operating expense (i.e., playing equipment) for the incumbents. Although soccer is an easy, less expensive, and more popular game; the day is not far off when T20 catches up:


“Eventually, T20 cricket dominates the world list of sports and even soccer; there is a lot of entertainment in T20 compared to any other sport, at present soccer may be number 1, but it will be reduced due to super T20”.


In soccer, the matches are held many times, which makes the viewers sad, but T20 on the other hand, each one on the scoreboard will score a big hit and make the viewers interesting in each match.

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Cricket vs. soccer: Some aspects to consider


If you love watching cricket and soccer as well, there are some important features you must consider. Conforming to diverse sources, very massive sport has three crucial aspects: entertainment value, playing value and the sportive conditions. Let’s check out each one and compare both, cricket events and soccer ones to see which ones offer the best for sports fans:


Entertainment value


For anyone just starting to watch sports soccer is better, as it is easy to understand. However, soccer can never beat T20 in terms of entertainment. The one who understands cricket will always love cricket more than soccer. At least, this is how people in Commonwealth countries can perceive it.


On the other hand, soccer cannot change in any direction (it can happen theoretically, but its probability is very less). In the game of cricket, it can change at any time, sometimes only one ball is enough, momentum changes in seconds, so a fan never loses interest in a game. However, in soccer, the game does not change in just a few seconds. So, in this it's either a draw or cricket wins.


Playing value


We all know people will say that soccer needs more stamina but expecting stamina and physical ability is not the only thing we want to develop. We play for entertainment and cricket gives you more fun.


For example: yesterday I see some people who were playing cricket and the game was amazing, the game was in their hands for the whole match, the teams were clearly dominating, but one bad finish was enough to change the momentum.


Consequently, they had a dramatic last over, but in the end, the best team won as they showed some brilliant fielding when a cricketer stopped a 4. On the other hand, I have played soccer and most of the games I could see were one sided. It was getting a bit boring. The trailing team, trailing by only two goals, only had a slim chance of winning. That’s what makes cricket so special!


What else makes cricket better than soccer?


Soccer gives you stamina, but cricket gives you everything. According to many cricket fans, it is like chess that requires physical attributes. Cricket develops your decision-making skills and uses your whole body from head to toe, whereas soccer just gives you lower body strength and a few other attributes:


“Cricket can even teach your life lessons like never give up and many more. It is the true gentleman's game. In addition, cricket gives you hand-eye coordination skills and many more. Furthermore, cricket can give you footwork. Cricket also gives you hard work (sometimes more than soccer). Just ask a fast bowler playing in a summer test match in Chennai. In this case: Cricket is much better than soccer”, some cricket fans mention.

t20 world cup


Some people will dismiss those lessons and others will say that you can't compare the two games, but the truth is that sports like cricket inspires many people since they require perseverance, persistence, and determination.


Summarize: Which one is the best sport?


Can you compare Messi and Tendulkar by how they play? No, you can't, as they play different sports. To be rational, soccer is the most followed game in the world and Cricket is a religion in India. If you ask any Indian, most of them will say T20 is better than soccer.


But in the right sense, you cannot compare the two as they are different sports and have different followers. You might be a cricket fan and maybe you love cricket, but that could be the case with someone who loves soccer so much in Germany or Spain. In short, it depends on your interests and genre of sports you like to watch. However, many people (like me) are into cricket more than any other organized sport.


When did cricket started being a popular sport?


Although there is more than one version about the origin of cricket, most experts assure that cricket was created in the Middle Ages by children in Weald (southeast of England). The first reference dates to 1611, the same year in which the term cricket appears in a dictionary, which defined cricket as 'a boys' game'. During the seventeenth century cricket spread through the villages of the area in what was called (village cricket) and begin to appear representative teams from each county.


In the first half of the 18th century, cricket had already become into the leading sport in London and the southeast area of England. For almost 30 years, the focus of attention for cricket lovers was the 'Hambledon Cricket Club', created in 1750 and considered the 'cradle of cricket'.


In 1787, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) was founded. The MCC excelled since its foundation, not only in the organization of matches at its cricket ground, the Lord's Cricket Ground (from 1814 it moved to Saint John's Wood in the town of Westminster), considered 'the cathedral of cricket', but also in the elaboration of the amendment of the cricket rules in 1788, with respect to the original ones, which dated from 1744.


As for the expansion of the game of cricket in the world. In the 17th century cricket reached North America and in the 18th century other parts of the world, such as the West Indies, where the colonizers taught how to play cricket. Cricket came to India, via sailors of the 'British East India Company'.


According to historians, cricket also reached Australia as soon as its colonization took place in 1788, and already at the beginning of the 19th century it spread to New Zealand and South Africa. Then, the current International Cricket Council (ICC) was created in 1909, the main international cricket institution, which has 104 members from five continents.


The first World Cricket Championship was held in 1975 in England. The team with the most victories is Australia, with 5 titles, followed by India and West Indies, with 2 titles each, while England, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have 1 world championship.


Most remarkable cricketers


Here we need to make a distinction between the best current cricketers and the best historical cricketers. Among the best current cricketers, we want to talk about Virat Kohli, considered a king in his country, India. To give us an idea of the impact of Virat Kohli in India, just to say that he has more than 105 million followers on Instagram.


Virat Kohli is considered the best batsman in the world and the biggest star of the sport today. Among his feats, he is the youngest to have reached the figure of 10,000 runs in an ODI (One Day International).


On the other hand, Steve Smith, despite having been suspended for a year for 'ball tempering', in a Test Match against South Africa, in 2018, and from which he lost the captaincy of the Australian team, is considered one of the best batsmen in the active world.


Rashid Khan, at just 22 years of age, is being responsible for the rise of cricket in Afghanistan. He is a right-arm leg spinner. His records as a bowler in ODI matches were the best in 2017 and in 2018 he was No. 1 in T20 matches. He also holds the record of being the youngest captain in a Test match, at just 20 years of age.


Best cricketers through history

  1. ✔️ Sir Don Bradman: Australian batsman of the early 20th century, is considered by many, to be the best batsman in history. His effectiveness in hitting the ball throughout his career was 99.94%. He also managed to score more times more than 100 runs (hundreds) than 50 runs (fifties). He also managed to exceed the 200-run mark 12 times and the 300-run mark twice.
  2. ✔️ Sachin Tendulkar: He is a former Indian cricketer who spent 25 years at the elite level. He is the only batsman in history to surpass the 100-run mark more than 100 times. At the end of his career, he had more than 30,000 runs to his credit.
  3. ✔️ Brian Lara: He is another exceptional batsman, a native of Trinidad, who was part of the West Indies team in international matches. He holds the record since 1994 for the highest score in first-class cricket, with 501 runs, and since 2004, the record for the highest score in a Test Match (401 runs against England in St John's).
  4. ✔️ Imran Khan: Now, he is the current Prime Minister of his country, Pakistan. The peak of his sporting career was reached in 1982, when as a bowler he took 62 wickets in nine Tests.

In short


As you can see, soccer and cricket have some things in common and they both are popular and massive sports that make people sit on their couches and spend hours watching the best matches on TV. However, cricket has something special that you cannot find in other sports even soccer. Perhaps, that’s the reason why we get so excited when an event like the t20 world cup is coming!

t20 world cup


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