This Aint Golf! It's Cricket! Cricket Betting


Cricket betting

This Aint Golf! It's Cricket! Cricket Betting

This Aint Golf! It's Cricket!

Go on, admit it, you have never read an article on cricket before, right? But wait, this aint no ordinary cricket, this is the Ashes! The Ashes? Yes, the series between England and Australia that dates back to the 1870's. The two old foes locked in combat in England throughout the summer cricket bet.

Australia, world number one, world champions cricket bet. such a wonderful side that have lauded it over world cricket since the demise of the great West Indian team ten years ago. But England too, and it is England, not Great Britain, have been on the rise. They have defeated all of their main rivals, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and the West Indies, and only the mighty Australia now stand in their way at the summit of world cricket cricket bet.

Some say that Test cricket (that's the 5 day variety, I kid you not, and even then the match could be a draw) is a dying sport, some say it has no future, some say the kids of today don't have the patience to watch a match for five days. It is doomed. Well, as that American general so eloquently replied to the Wehrmacht when surrounded at Bastogne, "Nuts!" cricket bet cricket betting sites.

This is the biggest sporting event to hit Britain this summer, bar none. When the Ashes series commenced in London last Thursday at the Lords cricket ground, 30,000 salivating followers were crammed inside. Estimates say that they could have filled the ground six times over. I have little doubt that is true. Not a sign of a dying sport there then. And what is wrong with playing a titanic struggle for five days anyhow? Golf plays for four days, and can spill over into a fifth, if there is a tie or bad weather cricket bet.

cricket betting

On a dull morning Australia win the toss and elect to bat, a brave decision in view of the overcast skies that could enable the English quick bowlers to swing the ball through the air. Should make batting tricky.

Cricket is a simple game. Two teams of eleven. They each bat twice. Add the runs together from each innings and the team with the most, wins. Easy. Five Test matches, five days each. Australia bat, and England strike! Australia are skittled out for a measly 190. A poor score. Optimism is high. England for heaven's sake have gone favourites in the betting tents, and that hasn't been seen since betting on this series began over a year ago. What is happening? cricket betting prediction.

The pundits crawl from their shells. Of course they always knew that England were on the up, (oh if only they were), and that Australia were in decline, so they say, now. We all knew that Australia's two leading bowlers Shane Warne (most test wickets in history) and Glen McGrath, one away from his 500th wicket, were both 35 years of age and drawing towards the end of their illustrious careers, surely. The age doesn't seem to have harmed Shane's bedroom activities, he's known as the busty blonde for his physique and dyed hair, and there is a constant diatribe of his extra curricula activities reported in the tabloid press, both in England and Australia cricket betting prediction. It doesn't seem to distract him too much on the field cricket betting prediction.

cricket betting

So England go in to bat. Calamity. Glen McGrath refuses to believe the tripe written in the papers cricket betting prediction. He rapidly sends back five of the best English batsmen to the packed and stunned pavilion, for just four runs conceded. England rally, but too little, too late, they are bowled out for 155. First real blood very definitely to the men from down under, and that is a big disappointment after England's hostile and impressive start cricket betting prediction.


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