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Winning Online Poker Rules

Winning Online Poker Rules

How to Bet the River

Having a big stack of chips at the beginning of the poker game  game is a great advantage. But sometimes if you don't know how to poker rules the big stack it could be disastrous. If you are playing in a tournament you might find yourself quickly out of chips and out of the tournament. If you are playing at a regular table or online your chips may suddenly disappear without you realizing your stack has suddenly dwindled away. Big stack advantages You can be a bully. You can scare off other players with big bets and have a chance of stealing the blinds and really big pots. The other players won't have the chance to bet against you when you put up big bets that they can't afford. When you have the big stack at the table you are the boss. Watch Your Strategy When Playing Big Stack poker game  Keep in mind that even if you have a big stack don't be tempted to gamble more or take more risks than if you had a small stack, your game could go down the tubes quickly so you need to be very careful. You start out with a feeling of security knowing that the other players can't beat your chips. And what happens, you become careless. You start out seeing more flops which you think you can afford because you have that big stack. Then when you poker rules you forget to watch the cards and you poker rules mediocre hands. You don't watch the other players bets and raises or how they respond to your big bets.


You think you can afford all this and your stack goes down. Reckless playing because you have a big stack may lead to a small stack. Being aggressive and playing loosely will dwindle your precious chips. Remember you can run out of chips so you need to use good strategy whether you are a big chip stack or a small chip stack. Always remember when you have a middle pair and someone raises before the flop that you are most likely beat, so don't throw you chips away fold. If you raise and someone raises back beware you are most likely beat. Keep your cool and sit back and watch the other players so you are aware how they are playing. Don't get sucked in and poker rules their game, poker rules your own game. poker rules the game to win. As anyone who's played Hold 'Em knows, one of the toughest places to be in poker game  is on the river. Most hands are over before then, and a lot of players find themselves in unfamiliar waters when they get there. Betting the river can be a tough decision. To illustrate a river concept, I'd like to show an example from 7-card stud. Pretend you have six cards, with one more left to come.


At present you have 2 (unimportant) cards face-down, but you're showing your opponent 9999, face up. Your opponent is showing a 7, a 2, and the 4 and 5 of spades. He also has two unknown, face-down cards, with one left to come. You bet, he stays in. The last cards are dealt. Your opponent is first to act and, after looking at his last card, he checks to you. Should you bet your four-of-a kind? I have a friend that's played poker game  for years, and he still can't get this concept right. The answer is: NO! No, no, NO! As I love repeating to my friend, only an idiot would bet here. Let me put it more simply: if you have 4 nines, and your opponent KNOWS that you have 4 nines, he will call you ONLY WHEN HE HAS YOU BEAT. Since he stayed in to see the last card, he must have had a chance to beat your 4 nines - they were already staring him in the face. The only possible hand he could've been going for then, is a straight flush in spades (he had, for instance, a 23 of spades in the hole and needed the last card to be the 6 of spades.)


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