All you must know about t20 world cup

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All you must know about t20 world cup

T20 world cup: What to know about this relevant competition


What do we should know about t20 world cup?


Cricket tournaments show the best of commonwealth nations sportive performances, but also their passion, constancy, perseverance, and enthusiasm when playing since cricket is the most beloved sport in India and the other mentioned countries.


Everyone can fall in love watching people in India who play cricket on streets. In fact, you might notice how many children are learning how to play cricket at their homeplaces. Cricket has fun88 login been rooted in commonwealth culture through centuries and that’s why those countries support cricket events.


If there is something that I love about cricket is Fun88 the excitement that cricket makes me feel when the major tournaments are coming. From test to t20 world cup, there has been an important evolution of cricket competition. Check out how cricket has evolved through time!

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Cricket tournaments evolution


If you go back at the cricket evolution, you will discover that cricket is a federated sports in over 30 countries worldwide. Even tough, just 11 teams have played all the three formats: Test, ODI, and T20I, at the highest level.


Check out how it evolved through history, from its roots to the current time. The first ones in playing cricket were the British, in 1725. It had been noticed that the matches were well-established in other commonwealth countries in or about the 19th century. Tough, let’s focus on cricket international competitions.




Nowadays, cricketers play this format for five days running with both the teams getting a chance to bat and ball twice in the match. Each of this chance is known as an inning. Consequently, test matches are of four innings.


Tough, the first modality was a six-day competition with one day off between the third and the fourth, finally making it a five-days match. Since times have changed and due to the fitness levels required, now the cricketers play for five continuous days.


Conforming to the cricket expert, Nishant Desai, the game was first played between North American nations: “As per history, the game at its international level was first played between the United States and Canada in the mid of 19th century, in its longest format called a test match. However, they are not the ones dominating the game in the modern day. Instead, its Commonwealth countries like India, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, England and others”.

t20 world cup


What about the cricket audience?


Since the cricket fans got bored and star feeling the game must be played in a limited time to get a result, to add more excitement to the game, unlike test games. Due to the cricket fans desire, limited overs cricket was released, evolving from strength to strength - from 50 overs to 20 overs - to rule the world of cricket for so long. Over in cricket means: “collection of six deliveries being bowled to a batter one after the other by the same player (known as a bowler)”.


ODI tournament: one of the most popular competitions through history


One Day International (ODI for short) is limited over format competition, where every team gets an opportunity to bat once. Therefore, this is a two innings match. They consist of 50 overs, permitting to bowl 300 legal (bearing wide balls and no balls) balls per inning.


Crickets play the match in just a day for about three and half hour per inning, with a recess of 45 minutes between the innings, lasting an estimated of eight hours. Nowadays, ICC uses this format to decide who the world champion will be every four years, as other popular sports also do.


T20 world cup


Twenty-20 cricket or popularly known as T20 is the briefest established format of the game being played at international level: “The format is quite similar to ODI, with the exception that each inning consists of 20 overs instead of 50, so making it an affair of merely three hours for 30 minutes”, cricket experts say.


Moreover, the format evolved bringing the glamor to cricket since the format attracts massive audiences more for and recreation than game's core values. Tough, this format has become popular format amongst the masses, helping to spread the game worldwide, due to its quicker time and entertainment standards.


Its vital to notice that the test format remains the greatest format since it brings out the best values of cricket technique and performance, physical strength, mental resilience, attention, and ethics cricket code.


T20 World Cup is coming in November this year!


One of the most important Cricket tournaments is the t20 world cup. The 2022 edition will take place between October 16 and November the 13. Then, the semi-finals matches will be held at the Sydney Cricket Ground and Adelaide Oval November 9th and 10th, correspondingly.


Even tough, ICC Men's T20 World Cup will be held in Australia. Even the first time, the T20 World Cup 2022 was supposed to be held in India. ICC announced seven cities as T20 World Cup 2022 hosts. According to ICC: “Seven host cities were announced for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia with the final line-up for the event now established”, they say. This includes the final match.


On the other hand, Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, and South Africa will participate, being confirmed in the Super 12s. In addition, Namibia, Scotland, Sri Lanka, and West Indies confirmed as Round 1 team for the Australia event.


T20 world cup – Venues and matches


Cricket fans will enjoy a total of 45 matches which will be hosted matches hosted across Adelaide, Brisbane, Geelong, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney: “Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 champions Australia and runner-up New Zealand plus Afghanistan, Bangladesh, England, India, Pakistan, and South Africa as the next highest ranked teams will gain direct entry into the Super 12 stage of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022”, assured ICC authorities.


Four amazing teams will play in Round 1. Of course, we are talking about West Indies, Namibia, Scotland, and Sri Lanka. The current qualification pathway will culminate in two global qualifying competitions one to take place in Oman in February, and the other in Zimbabwe in June/July.

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Chris Tetley, manager of the events, said: “We are looking forward to seeing the return of ICC events to Australia and are delighted to announce the seven host cities for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 (…). With 12 teams already confirmed in the line-up, we eagerly await the culmination of the qualification process to see which other teams will join them.”


Why are cricket competitions so exciting and important at the same time?


Competitions like t20 world cup are not just mere entertainment, but also important in commonwealth nations. Keep reading to discover the reasons why cricket is more than an exciting activity.


Embracing female cricketers’ role


There are people that continue believing that cricket is a game just for man. However, there are many women who outstands in the world of cricket. Nowadays, more and more women choosing cricket as their career, reclaiming their role as people able to do something remarkable.


On the other hand, the current time motivates women to get out of the comfort zone and defeat sexism, and cricket opportunities make women do that as the ICC organizes the Women’s Cricket World Cup since 1973.


England, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Tobago, an International XI and Young England took part in the first Women World Cup, and they still support Women’s Cricket, a big step for all women around the world!


Cricket makes the world come together as one!


People consider cricket as a unifying force that lets Indians, Pakistani, Australians and many other cricketers shaking hands or slapping each other’s backs during or after a cricket game and those actions can overwhelm any person around the world.


The investing in Cricket tournaments


I know that most cricket fans perceive this sport as a passion. However, nobody can deny that is also an opportunity for businesspeople to do a great investment, despite many fans feel that cricket has turned too commercial to remain a passionate game anymore.


Even tough, that financial side of the game helps to spread cricket over the world. Sponsorship is required if we want to keep alive any sport, even this can break some passionate hearts. On the other hand, when a country hosts a sportive event, that favors its economical earnings.


Cricket World Cup 2022: the best tournament odds


In the cricket world, one of the most attractive features of the t20 World Cup is parity and that’s why there has never been the same winner with the betting odds. Bettors get excited with the idea of having an interesting challenge.


In fact, the last time Australia won its first-ever title. On the other hand, New Zealand was the runner-up for its greatest finish ever, but India has been favored to win the next cricket World Cup. England, Pakistan, New Zealand, West Indies, and South Africa are trendy options, too. However, West Indies is the only one team with two World Cup titles. Conforming to Sbgglobal statistics, they are the winning odds for the t20 world cup:

  1. ★ India: 3/1
  2. ★ Australia: 10/3
  3. ★ England: 7/2
  4. ★ Pakistan: 7/1
  5. ★ New Zealand: 13/2
  6. ★ West Indies: 12/1
  7. ★ South Africa: 10/1
  8. ★ Sri Lanka: 25/1
  9. ★ Afghanistan: 33/1
  10. ★ Bangladesh: 33/1

T20 World Cup – Overview


Cricket is one of the favorites sports when we are talking about sports betting. The most remarkable teams in the Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup bring name-brand cache with the wagering masses. Even if cricket does not produce so much betting handles, the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup is an exception.


Tournaments like t20 world cup causes much more excitement than all other cricket competitions combined. Now, let’s find out which countries and teams have the best odds for the next t20 world cup:

  1. ✔️ India 3/1: India has won the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup in 2007 for the last time and according to records, that was the first-ever edition of this competition: “Therefore, India had one other noteworthy run with a second-place finish in 2014. India has a total record of 23 wins, 13 losses, and one draw with a win percentage of .635 in the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup”, media reports say.
  2. ✔️ Australia 10/3: Australia is the one of the most popular team that people bet on since it is the current champion. The Aussies were the second-place team in 2010. Moreover, Australia has got a record of 22 wins and 14 losses in the T20 Cricket World Cup.
  3. ✔️ England 7/2: England got the first place in 2010 is England’s best finish in the T20 Cricket World Cup. In addition, English cricket team ended second in 2016. The Three Lions get 19 wins and 18 losses every time during that competition.
  4. ✔️ Pakistan 7/1: Pakistan was the champion in 2009 and its team has the record of 24 wins, 15 losses, and one tie.
  5. ✔️ West Indies 12/1: Conforming to records, “West Indies is the only two-time champion in the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup”. Currently, West Indies did win in 2016. In short, West Indies has a record of 18 wins and 16 losses with the Cricket World Cup lines. In case you bet on West Indies or any other team, do not forget to bet with responsibility. Remember that betting is just for fun, not to make you become rich.

In short


In November, all cricket fans around over the world will live one of the most exciting experiences as cricket fanatics. Even they bet on their favorites or not, there’s one thing we can assure: they will have fun.


Personally, I get inspired every time a championship like t20 world cup is held since passion, determination, performance, effort, and consistency is always on the field. Even there are eleven months left to the t20 world cup, I cannot wait to see the best cricketers playing one of the greatest sports even played!

t20 world cup


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