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Cricket Welcomes the Stanford Millions

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It is common knowledge amongst cricket followers that the Stanford Millions could revolutionise the sport in a way that five years ago was unthinkable india bet. The offer from the Texas Billionaire, Alan Stanford guarantees a million dollars for each player in the winning team of an invitational match arranged between a team of Caribbean Super Stars and an England Xl that that is to be played in Antigua on November 1st; there will be nothing for the losers india bet. The offer from Stanford is part of his proposal to the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to launch their own version of the Indian Premier League of Cricket that has attracted players from all over the world on highly lucrative contracts. Stanford is prepared to invest billions into the project but its success is dependent on hasty decisions by the ECB india bet.

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The 20/20 game has brought cricket into the real world of commerce and media and has captured the imagination of a previously uninterested audience. It is easy to see why, the big hitting, blood and thunder style of the game is hugely exciting that even the most ardent anti-cricket fans have become interested india bet. Domestic and International 20/20 matches are usually sold out well in advance and the game is still only in its infancy india bet. Stanford wants the ECB to organise its own version of the IPL based on the current County structure, with flexibility in mind to perhaps allow teams being made up from City's and Franchises. The ECB already sanction its own 20/20 League and 20/20 Knock out cup, but Stanford's financial input would benefit the players on a scale that a year ago even they could only dream of. The bottom line might well come down to whether or not a county or test match player would rather play for a million pounds a year in front of raucous, enthusiastic crowds or for peanuts in a half empty county ground india bet.
There are some who think that all forms of the game can still be accommodated and test Online Betting in particular has no need to suffer. This of course is true provided firstly that the county's and franchises make that contractually allowable for the players and secondly that the International Cricket Board (ICC) can make test cricket as financially viable. However ask a player if he would rather play for England in a test match at Lords for a modest fee or a 20/20 game on a Wednesday night at the Rose bowl for a million pounds a year, for most there is only one answer. The ECB and ICC have some serious thinking to do! india bet.

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An important secret, so to speak, when trying to win while betting, is to evaluate the odds. But how do we go about this? Well simply put, we use calculators! The odds are the figures from which the bettors base their bets. In other words, if the Steelers have a losing streak or they are prone to losing, then the bettor will take this into account, and probably bet against them rather than for them india bet.
The figures are formed by the odd makers by examining all past performances of the teams to come up with a suitable conclusion that can be represented of the weaknesses and strengths of each team. If you wanted to calculate the odds, then you might be in need of a sport betting calculator. Most all professional bettors use these calculations for their betting activities that they are involved in. They use this type of tool knowing that with a betting calculator in hand, their chances of winning are within their reach. Below, I have listed a few sites online where you can find these calculators india bet.
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