Vitality T20 Blast Betting Guide

The T20 Blast is a result of the popularity of the T20 format, which is a pretty new cricket tournament format when compared to others. It was launched in 2014 when cricket was gaining momentum and has been favorably positioned as the leading tournament.


Jul 15, 2023
142/7 in 19
118/10 in 16.5
T20 Blast 2023
Somerset won by 3 wkts
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Jul 15, 2023
115/5 in 11.3
170/7 in 20
T20 Blast 2023
Hampshire won by 3 wkts
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Jul 7, 2023
102/5 in 15.3
100/10 in 17.5
T20 Blast 2023
Hampshire won by 5 wkts
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Jul 7, 2023
158/5 in 19.3
157/6 in 20
T20 Blast 2023
Somerset won by 5 wkts
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Jul 7, 2023
174/6 in 20
187/5 in 20
T20 Blast 2023
Surrey won by 5 wkts
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T20 Blast Schedule

Date Time Home Team Away Team
05-May-2022 10:00 Hampshire Gloucestershire
05-May-2022 10:00 Durham Worcestershire
12-May-2022 10:00 Gloucestershire Somerset
12-May-2022 10:00 Kent Surrey
12-May-2022 10:00 Lancashire Yorkshire
12-May-2022 10:00 Worcestershire Derbyshire
12-May-2022 10:00 Birmingham Bears Northants
19-May-2022 10:00 Derbyshire Nottinghamshire
19-May-2022 10:00 Worcestershire Leicestershire
19-May-2022 10:00 Birmingham Bears Yorkshire
25-May-2022 17:30 Yorkshire Worcestershire
25-May-2022 18:00 Kent Somerset
26-May-2022 15:30 Middlesex Gloucestershire
26-May-2022 17:30 Birmingham Bears Northants
26-May-2022 17:30 Leicestershire Durham
26-May-2022 18:00 Sussex Glamorgan
27-May-2022 17:30 Northants Durham
27-May-2022 17:30 Surrey Glamorgan
27-May-2022 17:30 Lancashire Yorkshire
27-May-2022 17:30 Gloucestershire Sussex
27-May-2022 17:30 Nottinghamshire Worcestershire
27-May-2022 18:00 Derbyshire Birmingham Bears
27-May-2022 18:00 Hampshire Middlesex
27-May-2022 18:00 Kent Essex
28-May-2022 13:30 Leicestershire Derbyshire
29-May-2022 13:30 Birmingham Bears Durham
29-May-2022 13:30 Lancashire Worcestershire
29-May-2022 13:30 Sussex Kent
29-May-2022 13:30 Middlesex Glamorgan
29-May-2022 14:00 Yorkshire Leicestershire
29-May-2022 14:00 Nottinghamshire Northants
29-May-2022 15:00 Somerset Essex
30-May-2022 17:30 Nottinghamshire Northants
30-May-2022 18:00 Hampshire Somerset
31-May-2022 17:30 Yorkshire Derbyshire
31-May-2022 17:30 Nottinghamshire Lancashire
31-May-2022 17:30 Surrey Gloucestershire
31-May-2022 18:00 Essex Hampshire
01-Jun-2022 14:00 Lancashire Derbyshire
01-Jun-2022 17:30 Northants Leicestershire
01-Jun-2022 17:30 Gloucestershire Kent
01-Jun-2022 17:30 Durham Worcestershire
01-Jun-2022 17:30 Somerset Sussex
01-Jun-2022 17:30 Durham Nottinghamshire
02-Jun-2022 13:30 Birmingham Bears Leicestershire
02-Jun-2022 17:30 Surrey Hampshire
02-Jun-2022 18:00 Glamorgan Essex
03-Jun-2022 13:30 Worcestershire Birmingham Bears
03-Jun-2022 17:30 Yorkshire Durham
03-Jun-2022 17:30 Lancashire Northants
03-Jun-2022 17:30 Gloucestershire Essex
03-Jun-2022 17:30 Somerset Glamorgan
03-Jun-2022 18:00 Kent Surrey
03-Jun-2022 18:00 Derbyshire Nottinghamshire
03-Jun-2022 18:00 Sussex Middlesex
04-Jun-2022 18:00 Hampshire Sussex
05-Jun-2022 13:30 Birmingham Bears Nottinghamshire
05-Jun-2022 13:30 Durham Northants
05-Jun-2022 13:30 Kent Middlesex
05-Jun-2022 13:30 Kent Middlesex
05-Jun-2022 13:30 Glamorgan Surrey
05-Jun-2022 13:30 Glamorgan Surrey
05-Jun-2022 13:30 Worcestershire Leicestershire
06-Jun-2022 17:30 Yorkshire Nottinghamshire
06-Jun-2022 17:30 Yorkshire Nottinghamshire
07-Jun-2022 15:30 Middlesex Hampshire
07-Jun-2022 17:30 Northants Derbyshire
07-Jun-2022 17:30 Northants Derbyshire
07-Jun-2022 17:30 Leicestershire Lancashire
07-Jun-2022 17:30 Leicestershire Lancashire
07-Jun-2022 17:30 Glamorgan Gloucestershire
07-Jun-2022 18:00 Essex Kent
08-Jun-2022 17:30 Durham Birmingham Bears
08-Jun-2022 17:30 Yorkshire Lancashire
08-Jun-2022 17:30 Surrey Sussex
09-Jun-2022 17:15 Middlesex Surrey
09-Jun-2022 17:30 Northants Worcestershire
09-Jun-2022 17:30 Gloucestershire Somerset
09-Jun-2022 18:00 Hampshire Essex
09-Jun-2022 18:00 Derbyshire Leicestershire
10-Jun-2022 16:30 Worcestershire Derbyshire
10-Jun-2022 17:30 Leicestershire Nottinghamshire
10-Jun-2022 17:30 Durham Lancashire
10-Jun-2022 17:30 Glamorgan Hampshire
10-Jun-2022 17:30 Somerset Kent
10-Jun-2022 17:30 Birmingham Bears Yorkshire
10-Jun-2022 18:00 Essex Middlesex
10-Jun-2022 18:00 Sussex Gloucestershire
12-Jun-2022 10:00 Surrey Somerset
17-Jun-2022 17:30 Durham Yorkshire
17-Jun-2022 17:30 Leicestershire Worcestershire
17-Jun-2022 17:30 Nottinghamshire Birmingham Bears
17-Jun-2022 17:30 Surrey Middlesex
17-Jun-2022 17:30 Northants Lancashire
17-Jun-2022 17:30 Somerset Gloucestershire
17-Jun-2022 18:00 Essex Sussex
17-Jun-2022 18:00 Hampshire Kent
18-Jun-2022 13:30 Derbyshire Yorkshire
18-Jun-2022 13:30 Worcestershire Northants
18-Jun-2022 17:30 Gloucestershire Glamorgan
19-Jun-2022 13:30 Birmingham Bears Derbyshire
19-Jun-2022 13:30 Lancashire Nottinghamshire
19-Jun-2022 13:30 Hampshire Surrey
19-Jun-2022 13:30 Middlesex Kent
19-Jun-2022 13:30 Essex Somerset
19-Jun-2022 13:30 Durham Leicestershire
19-Jun-2022 13:30 Glamorgan Sussex
21-Jun-2022 17:30 Surrey Somerset
21-Jun-2022 17:30 Nottinghamshire Leicestershire
21-Jun-2022 17:30 Glamorgan Middlesex
21-Jun-2022 18:00 Derbyshire Northants
21-Jun-2022 18:00 Kent Gloucestershire
22-Jun-2022 17:30 Northants Birmingham Bears
23-Jun-2022 16:30 Worcestershire Yorkshire
23-Jun-2022 16:30 Lancashire Durham
23-Jun-2022 17:15 Middlesex Essex
23-Jun-2022 17:30 Nottinghamshire Derbyshire
23-Jun-2022 18:00 Sussex Surrey
23-Jun-2022 18:05 Somerset Hampshire
24-Jun-2022 17:30 Glamorgan Somerset
24-Jun-2022 17:30 Durham Nottinghamshire
24-Jun-2022 17:30 Northants Yorkshire
24-Jun-2022 17:30 Gloucestershire Hampshire
24-Jun-2022 18:00 Birmingham Bears Worcestershire
24-Jun-2022 18:00 Essex Surrey
24-Jun-2022 18:00 Derbyshire Lancashire
24-Jun-2022 18:00 Kent Sussex
01-Jul-2022 16:30 Worcestershire Lancashire
01-Jul-2022 17:15 Middlesex Somerset
01-Jul-2022 17:30 Surrey Kent
01-Jul-2022 17:30 Yorkshire Birmingham Bears
01-Jul-2022 17:30 Leicestershire Northants
01-Jul-2022 17:30 Nottinghamshire Durham
01-Jul-2022 18:00 Sussex Essex
01-Jul-2022 18:00 Hampshire Gloucestershire
02-Jul-2022 17:30 Essex Glamorgan
03-Jul-2022 13:30 Gloucestershire Middlesex
03-Jul-2022 13:30 Leicestershire Yorkshire
03-Jul-2022 13:30 Derbyshire Durham
03-Jul-2022 13:30 Worcestershire Nottinghamshire
03-Jul-2022 13:30 Sussex Hampshire
03-Jul-2022 17:30 Kent Glamorgan
03-Jul-2022 17:30 Sussex Hampshire
03-Jul-2022 17:30 Lancashire Birmingham Bears
03-Jul-2022 17:30 Somerset Surrey
06-Jul-2022 17:30 Surrey Yorkshire
07-Jul-2022 17:30 Birmingham Bears Hampshire
08-Jul-2022 17:30 Lancashire Essex
09-Jul-2022 18:00 Somerset Derbyshire
11-Jul-2022 10:00 Gloucestershire Sussex
16-Jul-2022 10:01 Yorkshire Lancashire
16-Jul-2022 13:30 Hampshire Somerset
19-Jul-2022 10:00 Sussex Middlesex
19-Jul-2022 10:00 Nottinghamshire Derbyshire
19-Jul-2022 10:00 Sussex Surrey
25-Jul-2022 10:00 Somerset Sussex
05-Sep-2022 9:30 Yorkshire Lancashire
05-Sep-2022 9:30 Essex Kent
05-Sep-2022 9:30 Essex Kent
05-Sep-2022 9:30 Sussex Kent
12-Sep-2022 9:30 Durham Leicestershire
12-Sep-2022 9:30 Durham Leicestershire
12-Sep-2022 9:30 Glamorgan Middlesex
20-Sep-2022 9:30 Somerset Hampshire
20-Sep-2022 9:30 Somerset Hampshire
26-Sep-2022 9:30 Somerset Kent
26-Sep-2022 9:30 Derbyshire Leicestershire
26-Sep-2022 9:30 Nottinghamshire Durham
26-Sep-2022 9:30 Glamorgan Sussex
26-Sep-2022 9:30 Glamorgan Sussex
20-May-2023 13:30 Derbyshire Lancashire
20-May-2023 17:30 Birmingham Bears Yorkshire
24-May-2023 17:30 Kent Gloucestershire
24-May-2023 17:30 Northants Worcestershire
24-May-2023 18:00 Somerset Hampshire
25-May-2023 11:30 Lancashire Leicestershire
25-May-2023 17:15 Middlesex Surrey
26-May-2023 16:30 Worcestershire Yorkshire
26-May-2023 17:30 Gloucestershire Glamorgan
26-May-2023 17:30 Northants Durham
26-May-2023 17:30 Leicestershire Birmingham Bears
26-May-2023 17:30 Nottinghamshire Derbyshire
26-May-2023 17:30 Surrey Kent
26-May-2023 18:00 Hampshire Middlesex
26-May-2023 18:00 Sussex Somerset
27-May-2023 17:30 Lancashire Nottinghamshire
28-May-2023 10:30 Yorkshire Durham
28-May-2023 13:30 Surrey Sussex
28-May-2023 17:30 Somerset Glamorgan
29-May-2023 13:30 Birmingham Bears Lancashire
29-May-2023 13:30 Middlesex Gloucestershire
29-May-2023 13:30 Worcestershire Leicestershire
29-May-2023 14:00 Derbyshire Northants
29-May-2023 17:30 Durham Nottinghamshire
30-May-2023 17:00 Essex Gloucestershire
30-May-2023 17:30 Kent Somerset
30-May-2023 17:30 Nottinghamshire Yorkshire
31-May-2023 15:30 Middlesex Glamorgan
31-May-2023 17:30 Northants Birmingham Bears
31-May-2023 18:00 Hampshire Surrey
01-Jun-2023 17:30 Leicestershire Derbyshire
01-Jun-2023 18:00 Sussex Essex
01-Jun-2023 18:00 Yorkshire Lancashire
02-Jun-2023 17:30 Durham Lancashire
02-Jun-2023 17:30 Glamorgan Kent
02-Jun-2023 17:30 Northants Leicestershire
02-Jun-2023 17:30 Nottinghamshire Worcestershire
02-Jun-2023 17:30 Somerset Middlesex
02-Jun-2023 17:45 Gloucestershire Surrey
02-Jun-2023 18:00 Derbyshire Birmingham Bears
02-Jun-2023 18:00 Essex Hampshire
03-Jun-2023 17:30 Birmingham Bears Nottinghamshire
03-Jun-2023 18:00 Hampshire Sussex
04-Jun-2023 10:30 Yorkshire Derbyshire
04-Jun-2023 13:30 Durham Leicestershire
04-Jun-2023 13:30 Sussex Glamorgan
04-Jun-2023 13:30 Gloucestershire Middlesex
04-Jun-2023 13:30 Kent Surrey
04-Jun-2023 13:30 Somerset Essex
04-Jun-2023 13:30 Worcestershire Northants
04-Jun-2023 14:00 Nottinghamshire Lancashire
06-Jun-2023 15:30 Middlesex Hampshire
06-Jun-2023 17:30 Durham Northants
06-Jun-2023 17:30 Leicestershire Yorkshire
06-Jun-2023 18:00 Essex Sussex
07-Jun-2023 16:00 Lancashire Worcestershire
07-Jun-2023 17:30 Glamorgan Surrey
07-Jun-2023 17:30 Birmingham Bears Derbyshire
07-Jun-2023 17:30 Kent Essex
07-Jun-2023 18:00 Hampshire Somerset
08-Jun-2023 17:15 Middlesex Sussex
08-Jun-2023 17:30 Nottinghamshire Durham
09-Jun-2023 17:30 Glamorgan Essex
09-Jun-2023 17:30 Leicestershire Durham
09-Jun-2023 17:30 Birmingham Bears Northants
09-Jun-2023 17:30 Derbyshire Nottinghamshire
09-Jun-2023 17:30 Gloucestershire Somerset
09-Jun-2023 17:30 Kent Hampshire
09-Jun-2023 17:30 Yorkshire Worcestershire
09-Jun-2023 18:00 Sussex Surrey
16-Jun-2023 16:30 Worcestershire Birmingham Bears
16-Jun-2023 17:15 Middlesex Kent
16-Jun-2023 17:30 Durham Derbyshire
16-Jun-2023 17:30 Northants Lancashire
16-Jun-2023 17:30 Somerset Surrey
16-Jun-2023 17:30 Yorkshire Leicestershire
16-Jun-2023 18:00 Essex Glamorgan
16-Jun-2023 18:00 Sussex Hampshire
17-Jun-2023 18:00 Gloucestershire Kent
18-Jun-2023 13:30 Glamorgan Gloucestershire
18-Jun-2023 13:30 Lancashire Durham
18-Jun-2023 13:30 Derbyshire Yorkshire
18-Jun-2023 13:30 Leicestershire Worcestershire
18-Jun-2023 13:30 Middlesex Essex
18-Jun-2023 13:30 Northants Nottinghamshire
18-Jun-2023 13:30 Surrey Hampshire
19-Jun-2023 17:30 Essex Somerset
20-Jun-2023 16:30 Worcestershire Lancashire
20-Jun-2023 17:30 Durham Birmingham Bears
20-Jun-2023 17:30 Surrey Glamorgan
20-Jun-2023 17:30 Gloucestershire Hampshire
20-Jun-2023 17:30 Leicestershire Nottinghamshire
20-Jun-2023 17:30 Yorkshire Northants
20-Jun-2023 17:30 Sussex Kent
21-Jun-2023 17:30 Glamorgan Somerset
21-Jun-2023 17:30 Northants Derbyshire
22-Jun-2023 16:30 Worcestershire Nottinghamshire
22-Jun-2023 17:30 Gloucestershire Sussex
22-Jun-2023 17:30 Surrey Middlesex
22-Jun-2023 17:30 Yorkshire Birmingham Bears
22-Jun-2023 18:00 Essex Kent
23-Jun-2023 17:30 Durham Yorkshire
23-Jun-2023 17:30 Glamorgan Sussex
23-Jun-2023 17:30 Birmingham Bears Worcestershire
23-Jun-2023 17:30 Kent Middlesex
23-Jun-2023 17:30 Lancashire Derbyshire
23-Jun-2023 17:30 Leicestershire Northants
23-Jun-2023 17:30 Somerset Gloucestershire
23-Jun-2023 18:00 Hampshire Essex
30-Jun-2023 16:30 Worcestershire Durham
30-Jun-2023 17:30 Kent Sussex
30-Jun-2023 17:30 Surrey Somerset
30-Jun-2023 17:30 Nottinghamshire Birmingham Bears
30-Jun-2023 18:00 Hampshire Glamorgan
30-Jun-2023 18:00 Derbyshire Leicestershire
30-Jun-2023 18:00 Essex Middlesex
30-Jun-2023 18:00 Lancashire Yorkshire
01-Jul-2023 13:30 Sussex Gloucestershire
02-Jul-2023 13:30 Birmingham Bears Durham
02-Jul-2023 13:30 Glamorgan Middlesex
02-Jul-2023 13:30 Derbyshire Worcestershire
02-Jul-2023 13:30 Hampshire Gloucestershire
02-Jul-2023 13:30 Lancashire Northants
02-Jul-2023 13:30 Nottinghamshire Leicestershire
02-Jul-2023 13:30 Surrey Essex
02-Jul-2023 17:30 Somerset Kent
06-Jul-2023 17:30 Birmingham Bears Essex
07-Jul-2023 17:30 Lancashire Surrey
07-Jul-2023 17:30 Somerset Nottinghamshire
07-Jul-2023 18:00 Hampshire Worcestershire
15-Jul-2023 10:00 Essex Hampshire
15-Jul-2023 13:30 Somerset Surrey



Team Played Wins Losses Points
Surrey 6 6 0 13
Somerset 7 5 2 10
Essex 7 4 3 9
Gloucestershire 7 4 3 9
Hampshire 8 4 4 8
Sussex 8 3 5 6
Middlesex 8 3 5 6
Glamorgan 7 2 5 5
Kent 8 2 6 4


Full T20 Blast Point Table 2022 >>

T20 Blast


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A Preview of the Vitality T20 Blast 2020 Tournament

The Vitality T20 Blast 2020 Tournament is one of the most unique T20 tournaments in the world. It runs for several months, with most of the matches happening on the weekends. Therefore, players can come in and out of the tournament depending on their availability. There are 18 teams participating in the T20 Blast 2020, which makes the tournament all the more thrilling and exciting.

The teams are grouped into three: the North Group, the South Group, and the Central Group. It is unique in the sense that cricket tournaments usually have two groups, but this time it has three.


The Preview of the Vitality T20 Blast 2020 Tournament

The North Group

The South Group

The Central Group

The teams will compete despite the fact that the majority of their international players are unaware that we are in the grip of a pandemic. A total of eight teams will make the quarter-finals.

Predictions for Vitality T20 Blast 2020 Playoffs

Below are the teams we think will make it to the playoffs:


Vitality T20 Blast 2020 Winner

Sussex Sharks

The Sussex Sharks are one of the strongest teams in the South Group. It has the best players in the team, such as Philip Salt, leading the batting and Delray Rawlins and Laurie Evans playing the supporting roles. Towards the end of the season, Jofra Archer will be available, which will be a huge addition to the team. Other experienced players on their side are Luke Wright, Tmyal Mills, and Chris Jordan. The absence of overseas players because of the pandemic situation makes the batting a bit thin. Looking at the bowling attack quality, it places Sussex in a favorable situation to win.


The T20 Blast is a cricket league happening in Wales and England. It is purposely intended to replace FriendsLife T20 and is run by the ECB. The T20 Blast is set to be the primary domestic competition in Wales and England. It consists of 18 first-class cricket teams representing the countries in England and Wales. It is categorized into North and South divisions, with each division consisting of nine teams. It started with a group stage, wherein each team plays home and away against six other teams. The remaining two teams will then play single games against each other.

To win at this stage, two points are awarded, and one point is awarded for a tie or an abandoned match. Points are significant and teams are highly encouraged to rack up those runs. Keep in mind that once the points are taken into account, the run rate is calculated. If the teams end up on the same points, the deciding factor will be the run rate. Therefore, the team must work hard in their attack considering the league’s structure and the way points are awarded.

T20 Blast History

T20 Blast was announced in 2013, but the first season began in the latter part of 2014.From 2010 to 2014, FriendsLife T20 was on the run. Years before that, it was simply known as the Twenty20 Cup.NatWest was the sponsor from 2015 to 2017. In 2018, Vitality took over and changed the name to Vitality Blast.

Back in the days when it was still the Twenty20 Cup, it created a reputation as one of the most thrilling, established, and diverse domestic cricket competitions in Europe. There were a total of six different winners during the first seven years of the tournament until it was sponsored by FriendsLife. Although the diversity of the league was not maintained throughout the competition. Nevertheless, it remained thrilling, entertaining, and exciting enough that it has continued to capture the attention of cricket fans around the world.

Although the competition revolves around teams from Wales and England, a clear shift towards English teams was noted, but only a few teams from Wales were involved. Only Glamorgan from Cardiff represented Wales.

Best Teams and Records

Considering that it is an annual competition, expect that the history books are being rewritten every time. in the early phase of the league, Leicestershire Foxes emerged as the most successful team. In fact, it made history as the first team to reach a total of three wins. The team played against the Northern League; the home of the best cricket teams. The Northern League was also represented by the Northamptonshire Steelbacks who successfully bagged the titles on the early part of the league. On the other hand, Hampshire is one of the successful cricket teams in the Southern region.

T20 Blast Finals Day

T20 Blast standout among the rest of cricket leagues because of its commitment to offer something different. The Finals Day is the highlight of the league and deemed by many as the most exciting days in the domestic cricket category regardless where you are in the world. The semi-finals and finals are played on the same day, same ground, and right after one another. The game format and schedule are favorable for the fans because they will get a full day’s worth of cricket event and watch their team progresses from the semis to the finals. It is something that you don’t get to watch and experience in any other cricket tournaments or leagues.