Fun88, What countries could host the fifa world cup 2022 and 2030

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Fun88, What countries could host the fifa world cup 2022 and 2030

I will undergo the primary areas of the arena and the possibility and international locations who might host it there. America - Impossible because the US and Canada are each web websites hosting the 2026 World Cup.


Central America - Also most unlikely because of Mexico web website hosting the 2026 World Cup and no different international locations having the financial system and soccer crew of Mexico to host it. Do women participate in the t20 World Cup?


South America - perhaps


It might be sixteen years because of the remaining fifa world cup 2022 in South America and it might be excellent for every other South American united states of america to host it.


Brazil possibly now no longer hosts the remaining WC in South America.


Argentina may be very probably however their monetary scenario will decide it, this additionally applies for Uruguay.


Fun88 Colombia may be very not likely because of the cutting-edge scenario withinside the united states of america however who knows?? Also the proximity to Mexico makes it not likely.


Peru, Bolivia and Chile do now no longer have the excellent economies so not likely.


East Asia - Japan and South Korea once more is not likely.


China is a completely probable candidate however the Communist rule is probably tough to manage with.


vS. E. Asia - Bad economies so most unlikely.


India - funn88 Poorer than China and approximately the identical footballing degree so an even decrease in danger than China.


Middle East - Very most unlikely because of Qatar web website hosting it in 2022 and the debate that sparked will possibly be the identical if a rustic like Saudi Arabia or the UAE hosted it.


North Africa - Possible however relies upon the monetary scenario of the North African international locations, for me it's far approximately time Morocco hosts a global cup after dropping to votes to host it such a lot of times.


West Africa - Unless Nigeria is like China or India nowadays, I can not see this happening.


Southern Africa - Also not likely, the simplest actual united states of america who may want to host is South Africa however they're now no longer prepared for every other WC and Morocco might be fuming at this.


Eastern Europe - teenpatti rules Due to Russia in 2018, it's far not likely every other fifa world cup 2022 can be hosted in Eastern Europe, the simplest actual United States of America who may want to find the money to host it's far Poland or Russia once more.


Nordic - Possible, it might be excellent to peer all five Nordic states and perhaps even Estonia, all host a fifa world cup 2022


Western Europe - This one is possible, maximum international locations right here may want to host it and I suppose England or the complete UK is the maximum probable candidate.


In my opinion those are the international locations who i need to host it Morocco
England/Whole UK
Combined Nordics + Estonia

Fun88, The fifa world cup of 2030 is in plan to find the host contry

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