Skrill Cricket Betting Guide

Skrill Cricket Betting Guide

If you know Moneybookers or have transacted through Moneybookers before, you most likely know that it is now known as Skrill. It is a digital wallet used for online payment and transactions. It can be used to transfer funds from one Skrill user to another. It can also be used to pay for goods and services to online merchants and online gambling sites.

If you are fond of sports betting, you will surely find Skrill a helpful tool in funding your account. If you live in a place that does not allow payment to an online gambling site, Skrill is useful. For those who are looking for an e-wallet with a significantly lower transaction fee, Skrill is one of the best options too. Let us dig deeper about Skrill and why should you consider giving it a try.

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Published on 20th Feburary 2022.

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Skrill Overview

Skrill is one of the preferred digital wallets, especially for people fond of using Neteller. It functions the same way as Neteller, wherein you will have a digital payment system, and all you need to do is fund it so you can use it for online payment purposes. Once it is sufficiently funded, you can easily transfer funds to and from your sportsbook account.

Creating a Skrill account

To start using Skrill, you should first sign up for an account. To do so:

    1. Visit the official site of Skrill (
    2.  Go to the signup process page and select a personal account. You will be taken to a page where you need to provide personal and a few financial information.
    3.  Fill in all important details and double-check everything before finalizing the signup process.
    4. Pay special attention to the preferred currency.
    5. Keep in mind that the currency you selected can significantly affect the fees involved per transaction.

The goal is to ensure that the currency in your Skrill account matches the currency you specified in your sports betting account.

The Verification Process

Creating an account with Skrill does not end up signing up an account. Before you can use your Skrill account, you need to verify it. There are different steps to verifying your account, such as email verification. Skrill will send an email with a verification link attached to it. Click on the link to verify that it is your email.

Another way of verifying your account is through a postal address. You will receive a six-digit code which you will be asked to enter into your account. This will help secure your account and increase your limits for both deposit and withdrawal.

Once you have completed the two verification processes mentioned above, the next step is to verify your bank details/credit card. You will be asked to enter the Swift code for bank account verification. Keep in mind that the transaction fee is higher when using a credit card than using a bank account.

How to fund your Skrill account?

There are different ways to fund your Skrill account with bank transfers, Mastercard, and Visa as the popular ones. However, you have to be aware that the funding method you selected has associated fees and the amount varies depending on the method.

To give you an idea, below is the list of the commonly used methods to fund Skrill accounts and the fees attached to them:

  • Mastercard – 1.90%
  • Visa – 1.90%
  • AmEx – 1.90%
  • Maestro – free
  • Bank transfer – free
  • Cheque – free

As you can see, there are three options where no transaction fee is involved. It means that when you deposit $100 in your Skrill account, the exact amount will reflect in your account. No deduction whatsoever. However, there’s a catch! Although these methods are free, the processing time would take much longer. It would take a few days for the money to reflect in your account. Should you wish the money to reflect in your account right away because you want to participate in sports betting the soonest as possible, you might consider other funding options, and they come with associated fees.

Why should you use Skrill in funding your account?

There are many advantages to using Skrill in funding your sports betting account. Some of the notable benefits include the following:

✅ You will be protected from a chargeback.

✅ It comes with a multitude of payment options.

✅ It comes with a one-touch payment.

✅ It can manage various types of currencies.

✅ It comes with improved conversation rates.

✅ It comes with fast integration.

✅ It comes with optimum security and fraud management.

✅ It lets you access millions of Skrill wallet holders.

Protection from chargeback 
When using Skrill, you will be protected from chargeback on all payments except credit and debit cards. It is a given fact that fraud is rampant online and is the usual source of loss for online merchants. For every lost dollar for fraud reasons, a chargeback is in place along with processing fees, operational expenses, and chargeback ratio, to name a few. Skrill protects you from chargeback and other unnecessary fees.

Various Payment options
Skrill offers various payment options, including digital wallets to cryptocurrencies. Hence, customers can pay using their preferred payment method. This, in turn, would lead to an increase in sales and return purchases. Using Skrill, you will have over 100 local payment methods.

One-Touch Payment
One-touch payment or frictionless checkout is the new trend. Integrating such technology enhances users’ experience. Skrill is one of the few payment methods that offer one-touch payments. Repeat payments can be made without compromising your account’s safety and security with a single touch.

Improved Conversion Rates
Don’t you know that the overall conversion rates will be improved significantly by tapping into the one-touch feature offered by Skrill? It offers a seamless payment process, which will improve the conversion rate and improve users’ overall experience.

It manages numerous types of currencies
If you open an account with Skrill, you will be able to accept 40 different currencies, at least for a business account. Hence, you will have plenty of currency options, saving money from currency conversion fees.

Greater account security and management and protection from fraudulent activities
Skrill ensures that users’ safety and security are well-taken are off, especially when it comes to chargeback fraud and other fraudulent activities. Furthermore, Skrill products are in strict compliance with the standards set by the Payment Card Industry.

Easy integration
Integrating Skrill digital wallet into your checkout is easy using one contract and one API. The process is easy and straightforward that even a not tech-savvy individual can easily use it. Should you experience any difficulty while using it, you can easily contact the technical support team, and they will be more than willing to assist you and get to the bottom of your concerns.

Access to plenty of Skrill users across the world
There are millions of Skrill users around the world. You can connect with such users, expand your client pool for business users, and checkout without problems for personal users.

Skrill accepts CryptoCurrency
Another advantage of using Skrill is that it accepts cryptocurrency. Yes, you can use crypto to deposit and withdraw funds to and from the sports betting site, provided the betting site supports the use of cryptocurrency. Of course, a perfect example of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, wherein it is touted as the future of the world’s finance.

Be eligible for bonuses and special offers
There are bonuses and special offers only activated for Skrill users, such as the zero transaction fees for deposits and withdrawals made via Skrill. However, some welcome bonuses are also applicable for Skrill users, and it’s a great way for punters to increase their betting bankroll.

Plenty of betting sites that accept Skrill
Skrill is accepted worldwide, and the majority of sports betting sites accept payment made via Skrill. Hence, if you are fond of sports betting, you will not have any problem using Skrill as a form of payment and even be able to use it for withdrawing funds.

Final Thoughts…

There are many e-wallets to choose from, but you can never go wrong with Skrill when it comes to online payment to sports betting sites. It functions the same way as Neteller, but it comes with different terms and conditions. If you are a regular punter and look for ways to fund your sports betting account easily, Skrill is one of the top choices. It is an all-in-one payment method because you can also use it for withdrawing your winning.

Creating an account with Skrill is easy as the process is simple and straightforward. Suppose you are concerned with your safety and security. In that case, there’s no reason to doubt Skrill because it employs all the necessary measures to keep your account protected, such as the robust verification process and security questions.

Another reason for considering creating an account with Skrill is the fact that it is widely accepted by merchants from different parts of the world. Tons of sports betting sites accept payment made via Skrill. They trust this payment method, and so there’s no reason for you not to trust it too.